Confidently Rebuild the Chrysler 2.7 Liter Engine

The stop block prevents engine damage from loose timing chains

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Fix 2.7 Engine
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The Stop Block

The Stop Block reduces the probability of broken timing chains, bent valves, and chain backlash immediately!  It is Designed for all Chrysler 2.7 liter engines from 1998 – 2010 Models. With the Stop Block installed, this engine finally has a positive proactive force against backlash and related engine part failures. With just a 1.6 hour install time this engine insurance part is a must.

Stop Block Insurance is for:

  • Used Car Dealers
  • Engine Rebuilders & Machine Shops
  • Garages and Service Centers
  • Water Pump Manufacturers 
  • The End User, DIY, and anybody with this engine!
All 2.7 Liter Chrysler engine

Installation Instructions

  1. The 2.7L guide stop block is over-sized and made to trim to fit. This is done for variations in chain size that are made possible due to the stretching of, or installation of, new chains and gears.

  2. The guide stop block installs directly under the main primary tensioner. To install remove the right-hand valve cover (viewing from rear of engine) and tensioner, Keep pressure on the guide to prevent the chain from moving.

  3. Simply remove the two small front head bolts. Bolt the guide stop block to the head using the two new bolts supplied in your kit.

Engine with Stop block

When the tensioner fails the stop block is there to hold enough tension on the pad to keep the chain from slipping off.

Engine Without Stop Block

When the tensioner fails the slack in the chain will cause the timing chain to eventually fall off the gears.